Progressive dies

Progressive dies are characterized by high production speed and work efficiency.

What is a progressive die?

Progressive dies transform a sheet metal strip into finished products through a series of logical and sequential steps. Each process step takes place at a different die station, allowing the part to be formed progressively, step by step. Unlike transfer dies, where the part is detached from the sheet metal and transferred manually between stations, in progressive dies the part remains attached to the sheet metal until the end of the process, moving automatically from one station to the next.

Features of progressive dies

These dies are ideal for the production of large quantities of components, ensuring high quality, speed and optimised production costs. They consist of stations spaced by a specific “pitch”, each dedicated to a different operation (such as punching, drawing, bending, threading, etc.). The pilots, holes made in the first station, not only guide the sheet but also ensure its correct position throughout the process.

Advantages of progressive dies

  • Reduced waste through optimised nesting.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Reduced maintenance costs by working on a single die.
  • Reduced tooling time.

This advanced technology allows us to perform multiple operations in an optimised space, thanks to the feeder that manages the working pitch of the sheet precisely. With fifty years of experience, we can offer excellent quality and production standards. Over time, we have perfected a technology capable of stamping medium deep draw products, such as oven trays, using a single progressive die rather than multiple transfer dies. Not only does this approach improve efficiency, but it also offers numerous advantages. In the final stages of the process, when the part can no longer advance with the feeder, it is separated and transferred to the final die stage via an air transfer system.

Applications and Sectors

Our extensive experience has enabled us to develop dies for a variety of applications and sectors, including household appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers, automotive, irrigation and more. Our products include washing machine parts, truck motor mounts, dishwasher hinges, and many other components.
If you're curious about whether we can bring your envisioned product to life, don't hesitate to contact us.