Blanking dies

Are you looking for a company specialising in the construction of customised blanking dies? You’re in the right place! Since 1972, Attrezzeria Universal has been a leader in cold sheet metal forming, offering services in deep drawing, blanking, sheet metal bending, die production, and the creation of finished and assembled products. With a wide range of blanking dies for different sectors, we meet every application requirement.

What are blanking dies?

Blanking is the operation that uses specific tools (die and punch) to obtain defined shapes from a strip of sheet metal. Blanking dies, consisting of a die and punch mounted on a die holder, are essential for shaping the contour of the desired shapes.

How is a blanking die made?

The construction of blanking dies involves several steps:

  • Preliminary Study: determination of materials and design according to production requirements.
  • Design: use of CAD software for solid modelling (TopSolid, SolidWorks, NX, Cimatron E).
  • Manufacturing: machining, heat treatment, polishing and surface coatings.
  • Assembly: combination of machined and standardised components.
  • Testing: testing on presses and measuring the finished part.

Benefits of Blanking Dies

  • Complete design for specific spare parts.
  • Robust steel construction.
  • Testing on presses to reproduce the desired technical and mechanical characteristics.

Sectors covered

Since 1972, we have served various industries, with a focus on the appliance, automotive, and irrigation sectors, producing aesthetic and structural parts.

Projects and Details

Using advanced CAD software, we design customised blanking dies, assisting the customer at every stage of product development.

How much can a Blanking Die Cost?

Cost depends on various factors, including design, production requirements, and technical characteristics of the presses. Contact us for a customized quotation.