Sheet metal bending dies

Tailor-made Excellence and Precision. Specialists in cold forming of sheet metal, we offer a wide range of services, from deep drawing to blanking and bending. Our expertise translates into tailor-made solutions from tooling manufacturing to finished and assembled products.

What are sheet metal bending dies?

Sheet metal bending is a crucial process in the fabrication of metal components. Using specific dies, we can bend the sheet metal into various shapes without altering its thickness, ensuring precision and material integrity. Thanks to over 50 years of experience and the use of advanced technologies, Attrezzeria Universal is a leader in the construction of bending dies, offering optimal solutions for every need.

The Die Manufacturing Process

Creating dies for sheet metal bending follows a detailed process:

  • Design: We use advanced CAD systems for solid modelling.
  • Manufacturing: The stage includes machining, heat treatment, polishing and surface coatings.
  • Assembly and Testing: We assemble the components and test the dies on our presses, concluding with a three-dimensional measurement test.

Advantages of Our Dies

Our dies offer:

  • Robustness and durability.
  • Adaptability to compensate for variations in the mechanical properties of sheet metal.
  • Test on presses up to 1000 tonnes, ensuring reliability and accuracy.

Application Sectors

From household appliances to agriculture and irrigation, our dies are used in many different areas, demonstrating versatility and innovation.

Advanced Design and Customer Support

With the use of leading software such as TopSolid, SolidWorks, NX, and Cimatron E, we realise precise designs and also offer support during product development. Our experience and close collaboration with our customers are the key to recognized global success.

Request a Quotation

For a custom quotation, we need:

  • Construction drawing of the part (pdf and 3D if possible).
  • Expected annual production volume.
  • Features of production presses.

Contact us today to find out how we can support your project with customised sheet metal bending solutions.