World Class Tooling Specialist

UNIVERSAL1972 is the new international guise of a long-standing firm which has been making dies and dedicated equipment since 1972. Our strength consists in providing customers with a “turnkey” product. We design and make the dies ourselves, and provide solutions able to cut metal stamping costs. The dies are tested in our facility using a 1000 t hydraulic press, so that when they reach the customer, they are immediately ready to go into production.

Founded by Armando Caramaschi, the business has continued to build up its experience in designing and making sheet-metal stamping dies. Over the years, the company has acquired cutting-edge machinery which has enabled it to extend its range of products and services. Today, the showpieces of its range are the Die-splitter machines, sold the world over to leading companies in the metal stamping industry and which have become indispensable for cutting costs by up to 90% and ensuring totally safe die handling.

In 2000, Caramaschi’s sons joined the company, adding all the freshness of the 2nd generation to the experience of the 1st. As a result, the business took a leap forward, intensifying its relations with Europe and the rest of the world. Alessandro Caramaschi is in charge of and coordinates production, while Ing. Alessio Caramaschi manages administration and purchasing.

In 2006, the company moved into new headquarters, with triple the work space, equipped with cutting-edge technology machines for the three-dimensional control of the stamped pieces. What is more, the company has increased its number of workers and is constantly engaged in creating and spreading specialized know-how; this makes possible the design and manufacture of equipment and dies in a much shorter time and at costs highly competitive with those of other quality companies on the market.

The company has always been closely focused on the quality of its products which is reflected in the excellence of the materials used and in ongoing investments in latest-generation machine tools which, together with CAD/CAM technologies have brought about a constant reduction in the production times of sheet-metal dies.

In 2008, FORMITALY was set up, one of the first business networks in Italy. Thanks to collaboration between Attrezzeria Universal, Cavenaghi & Ridolfi, Skady Smartautomation and I.M.V. Presse, we are in a position to offer fully integrated and automated plants for forming and stamping sheet metal.

Attrezzeria Universal currently employs 40 people in a covered facility of over 4000 sq m and has machine tools able to machine parts of up to 6000X2500 mm.