1 finger, 2 minutes to safely open and rotate the dies

The Die splitter, also known as the die/mould separator, originates from the forty years of experience of a tooling shop that has found the solution to the main problem encountered in die maintenance, namely the continuous handling of dies.



Sheet metal Die separator

Customisable die separator: Size, clamping and options for special movements, ideal for any type of die.



Plastic Mould separator

Dedicated mould separator for plastic or die casting, customizable: Size, clamping and options for special movements



Entry-level Die separator

Predefined die separator: Agile solution for small and medium sized dies with optimised handling.

The advantages of our Die splitters

LOur die/mould separatorsare fully designed and made inside our production facility,
allowing for dedicated customizations tailored to the customer's needs.


One of the main benefits of our die/mould separators is to guarantee maximum safety when opening and rotating tools.

Reduced time

Our die/mould separators reduce tool handling time by 90%, significantly improving efficiency and productivity.


Opening the tool in 2 minutes with our machine turns time savings into economic gain, paying for the investment quickly and generating constant value.

Time is money!

For this reason (*and for many others)

we have created the Die splitter

Find out how much you can save in a year using our machine!