Entry-level Die opener

Agile solution for small and medium-sized dies with optimised handling.

Enhance safety and productivity

Working with tools can be challenging, even if the tool is not very large. In fact, manual handling still poses a risk to safety and productivity.

Our solutions:
Our Entry-level Die separators include a range of preset and compact size devices to handle any small to medium size tool. Designed with preset dimensions, they combine innovation, versatility and efficiency, integrating seamlessly into automated manufacturing processes and ensuring high safety standards. They have the unique advantage of short delivery times.

50 years of experience at your service:
Thanks to fifty years of experience as toolmakers, we have developed the Die separator to optimize the work of technicians and diemakers. Our innovative solution facilitates tool maintenance, guaranteeing precise and safe operations and drastically reducing working time.

The advantages of the Die separator

  • Safe, effortless handling of tools.
  • Significant reduction in assembly and maintenance time (up to 90%).
  • Convenient and secure access to both sides of the tool for quick adjustments.
  • Improved ergonomics for the operator.
  • Increased productivity and safety.

Our Die splitters are perfect for assembly, adjustment, inspection and repair work on tools. With a robust and stable design, these die splitters provide access to both sides of the tool, facilitating fast and safe operations.

The rotation of the half tools allows comfortable working in total safety. Vertical adjustment is finely controlled for precision and parallelism, and everything is easily managed via a user-friendly touch panel.

Advanced features

  • Separation of the half tools in about 2 minutes.
  • 180° rotation of the top half tool for optimal access.
  • Variable working angle at the operator's choice.
  • Electronic management for precise and safe movements.
  • T-slot clamping systems.
  • Mobile beams for centring and ergonomics.

User-friendly software.

  • Siemens Touch screen control panel.
  • Visual friendly interface (icons only).
  • PokeYoke integrated system with G.I.A.D.A. software developed by us. (Guided Intelligence for anomaly Detection and Analysis) for maximum security.

Extra options

  • Tilting lower part for even more convenient access and vertical clamping.
  • Quick clamping with permanent magnets.
  • Rollbars integrated in the beams or machine parts.
  • Dedicated tool centring devices.


The choice of safety level depends on the risk assessment that is made for each type of machine. The customer may, in turn, request further implementations.

  • Laser scanner to monitor non-visible areas (typical requirement).
  • Physical barriers to close off certain areas around the machine.

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