Deep drawing dies

Specialising in cold sheet metal forming, we offer a wide range of services, including deep drawing, blanking, bending, die production and the manufacture of finished and assembled products.

What we offer

  • Variety of Dies: we make dies for various applications and sectors, adaptable to any requirement, whether for small components integrated into progressive dies or for nearly fully drawn parts, such as sinks or hobs.
  • Experience and Technology: with over 50 years of experience, we use advanced software and cutting-edge technologies to ensure optimal solutions.

What is Deep Drawing?

Deep drawing is a cold-working technique that shapes sheets into three-dimensional shapes. The tooling, which is essential for this process, is composed of a die, punch and blank holder, mounted on a die holder and adapted to work with presses, often hydraulic, to maximise performance.

The Die Manufacturing Process

  • Design: we use CAD software for solid modelling (TopSolid, SolidWorks, NX, Cimatron E).
  • Manufacturing: includes machining, heat treatment, polishing and surface coatings.
  • Assembly and Testing: assembly of components, testing on our 1000 ton hydraulic press and dimensional control of the deep-drawn part.

Advantages of Our Dies

  • Advanced materials and innovative surface treatments.
  • Testing on presses configurable up to 1000 tons, ensuring precision and quality.


Our ideas are ideal for:

  • Hobs, sinks, appliance panels, bottoms and stainless flanges.

Sectors Served

From the household appliance sector to automotive, and even to irrigation, our experience covers a wide range of applications.

Tailor-made Design and Construction

Our technical department not only designs but assists the customer in the realisation of the product, optimising costs and technical details through a collaborative approach.


For a customized quotation, please provide us with:

  • Construction drawing of the part (pdf and 3D if possible).
  • Estimated annual production.
  • Specifications of production presses.

Contact us to discover how we can support your projects with tailor-made deep drawing solutions.