Unparalleled performance The carriage sliding guides can be recessed in the floor so as to reduce overall dimensions to the utmost. These machines have a high lifting capacity, able to handle dies weighing up to a maximum of 65 tonnes. Used by leading industries in the production of stamped pieces, they provide superior control and … Continued

Clamping time reduced thanks to permanent magnets These machines have a sturdy body, an electrically welded and normalized structure and a modern and ergonomic design. They are designed to open dies with dimensions between 1400 and 3600 mm x 1500 mm and with weights of up to 15 tonnes. They can be equipped with permanent … Continued

Precision in compact dimensions These are gems of precision able to open dies with max dimensions 2000 x 1300 and a max weight of 6t. Thanks to their compact dimensions, they can be positioned without taking up room in the existing work area. They feature permanent magnets for instantaneous clamping and a convenient mobile pushbutton panel … Continued