Precision in compact dimensions

These are gems of precision able to open dies with max dimensions 2000 x 1300 and a max weight of 6t. Thanks to their compact dimensions, they can be positioned without taking up room in the existing work area. They feature permanent magnets for instantaneous clamping and a convenient mobile pushbutton panel with user-friendly controls.

So many benefits for whosoever owns a Die splitter

Touch Screen
Less Operators
Safety first
Full Access
Permanent Magnets

Die Splitter in movement

Comparison table

Entry Level die splitters Small die splitters Medium die splitters Big die splitters
Max die dimensions 1900 x 1200 mm 2000 x 1300 mm 3.600 x 1.500 mm 6.000 x 2.400
Max die weight 6 ton Ton 6 Ton 15 Ton 65
Max weight of upper section 3 ton Ton 3 Ton 8 Ton 30
Total power 3kw Kw 10 Kw 13 Kw 30
Total machine weight 8 ton Ton 12 Ton from 9 to 12 Ton from 50 to 63

Whoever tries the Die-splitter can no longer do without it!

What happy customers have to say about their Universal 1972 Die Splitters

Luca Malincarne Sales Manager & CEO Assistant RAMAL S.r.l

We have been users of the M30 and M70 single dies since 1996 to our utmost satisfaction. During this period we have been able to appreciate their versatility, ease of use and safety. They give added value to the workshops where they are used. We believe these tools are by now indispensable inside a tool shop both during assembly and fine tuning and for die repair/maintenance.

Giuliano SMP Stampi

Our company has been operating in the sheet metal and composite material thermoforming industry for over 30 years. In 2005, we purchased an Attrezzeria Universal M30 die splitter to make easier the fine tuning and closing of medium/large dies. The machine has proved very useful and versatile thanks to its capacity (7t - total 3 t - on upper part) for closing composite dies used to make hoods for tractors or automotive parts for prestigious sports car makers, sports cars and also for handling the punches and dies during the fine tuning stage. Over the years, the machine has not shown any problems, despite its being used by all the assembly personnel. Nor has it required any special maintenance. Now an integral part of assembly/adjustment operations, the presence of a machine like the M30 has in many way solved a number of problems as well as increase die opening/closing safety.

Claudio Campinoti Quality Control Manager PRAMAC

I have an excellent impression about the M30 Die Splitter. It is very versatile and ensures very safe die maintenance. Thanks to its movements, the correct operation of the die can be displayed. After 9 years since we purchased it, it has never had any operating problems.

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