Unparalleled performance

The carriage sliding guides can be recessed in the floor so as to reduce overall dimensions to the utmost.

These machines have a high lifting capacity, able to handle dies weighing up to a maximum of 65 tonnes. Used by leading industries in the production of stamped pieces, they provide superior control and unparalleled performance.

So many benefits for whosoever owns a Die splitter

Touch Screen
Less Operators
Safety first
Full Access
Permanent Magnets

Die Splitter in movement

Comparison table

Entry Level die splitters Small die splitters Medium die splitters Big die splitters
Max die dimensions 1900 x 1200 mm 2000 x 1300 mm 3.600 x 1.500 mm 6.000 x 2.400
Max die weight 6 ton Ton 6 Ton 15 Ton 65
Max weight of upper section 3 ton Ton 3 Ton 8 Ton 30
Total power 3kw Kw 10 Kw 13 Kw 30
Total machine weight 8 ton Ton 12 Ton from 9 to 12 Ton from 50 to 63

Whoever tries the Die-splitter can no longer do without it!

What happy customers have to say about their Universal 1972 Die Splitters

Herr Stefan Hager Die Maintenance Department Manager

The Miele company is very satisfied with the die splitter. It makes work easier in the tool shop and permits saving about 50% on handling costs. The die splitter operates in a precise and parallel way and enables us to control the play of the cutting dies and arrange them more easily.

Biagio Compare DIES SRL

I wanted to thank you for the maintenance offer which I consider very advantageous, but I must say that the machine has no problems. I should like to take this opportunity to express our complete satisfaction. The machine is used every day to split and fit dies and make adjustments. It is very useful, in fact indispensable for positioning dies and punches and carrying out checks. This enables us to accurately fit dies and punches without damaging them in any way. I can safely say we could not do without it any more and think every tool shop should have one. It is especially useful for maintenance. Let me say again that we are extremely satisfied.

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