1 finger, 2 minutes to safely open and turn the dies

The DIE SPLITTER, also known as MOULD SEPARATOR, is the upshot of the over forty years of experience of a tooling company which has found a solution to the biggest problem affecting die manufacture – continuous die handling.

Testing the shearing parts, or turning over the top part of the tool is in fact difficult without the aid of a machine dedicated to these types of operation.

Designed to perform several operations without having to use other tools:

  • testing the mechanical operation of a tool without having to use a costly traditional press
  • changing versions on dies without having to stop the press for longer than is needed to remove the tool
  • enabling just one operator to open and split the two sections of the die without having to use jacks or bridge-cranes
  • quickly overturning in total safety the top part of the tool without exposing personnel to the risks which this operation involves.

The machines are fully designed and made inside our production facility and can therefore be personalized according to the needs of the individual customer.