Clamping time reduced thanks to permanent magnets

These machines have a sturdy body, an electrically welded and normalized structure and a modern and ergonomic design.

They are designed to open dies with dimensions between 1400 and 3600 mm x 1500 mm and with weights of up to 15 tonnes. They can be equipped with permanent magnets to allow opening the tool and the rotation of the upper section by 180° in just 2 minutes. These machines are in high demand because thanks to their versatility, they can handle large and small dies alike.

So many benefits for whosoever owns a Die splitter

Touch Screen
Less Operators
Safety first
Full Access
Permanent Magnets

Die Splitter in movement

Comparison table

Entry Level die splitters Small die splitters Medium die splitters Big die splitters
Max die dimensions 1900 x 1200 mm 2000 x 1300 mm 3.600 x 1.500 mm 6.000 x 2.400
Max die weight 6 ton Ton 6 Ton 15 Ton 65
Max weight of upper section 3 ton Ton 3 Ton 8 Ton 30
Total power 3kw Kw 10 Kw 13 Kw 30
Total machine weight 8 ton Ton 12 Ton from 9 to 12 Ton from 50 to 63

Whoever tries the Die-splitter can no longer do without it!

What happy customers have to say about their Universal 1972 Die Splitters

Vincenzo Bulso Manufacturing Engineering Electrolux Italia S.P.A.

Our team decided to purchase this machine to ensure the absolute safety of the people who handle the dies and only after using it did we realize that the system, besides ensuring safety, also considerably cuts time which can then be used to increase productivity. Our staff are enthusiastic and very satisfied with it. It has also aroused positive interest from other production facilities.

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