Are you looking for a company specialising in the construction of customised sheet metal bending dies? Then you've come to the right place! Since 1972, Attrezzeria Universal has specialised in cold sheet metal working and offers various types of services: from deep-drawing to punching to sheet metal bending, from the production of dies to the creation of finished and assembled products.

What are sheet metal bending dies?

Bending is one of the fundamental operations in sheet metal processing. One of the tricks for 'building light' is the use of sheet metal components appropriately bent into the most varied shapes using special dies.

During deformation, the sheet must not be subjected to stretching, which would lead to changes in thickness. 

Bending therefore consists of changing the shape of a piece of sheet metal without altering its thickness.

In order to be able to make the final part with the necessary bends, it is necessary to construct dies that allow metal to be formed normally in one or more steps.

Making bending dies requires a high degree of knowledge and experience in the behaviour of cold-formed sheet metal.

Attrezzeria Universal has more than 50 years of experience in the construction of bending dies and uses advanced software and technology to find the best solutions for the customer.

How is a sheet metal bending die made?

The construction of sheet metal bending dies involves several consecutive steps:

  • design, which is carried out using solid modelling CAD systems 
  • the actual construction, which includes the mechanical machining of all die components, heat treatment, polishing, surface coatings.
  • the assembly of machined and standardised components (bushings, columns, screws), testing and set-up of the die.
  • All dies are tested on our presses and a measurement test of the finished part with a three-dimensional probe is provided.

What are the advantages of sheet metal bending dies?

The advantages of the bending dies that Universal Tooling produces are as follows:

  • robust steel construction
  • possibility of correcting the bending obtained during both set-up and production to compensate for differences in the mechanical characteristics of the raw material on different production batches
  • the die is tested on a press that can develop up to 1000 tonnes with a 3000x1600 platen

Sectors covered 

Since 1972 we have produced deep-drawing dies for various industries. Our core business is the household appliance sector, in particular aesthetic parts. However, here are many other areas we worked for:

  • household appliance sector (aesthetic and structural details)
  • automotive sector (structural parts)
  • irrigation sector (automatic dies for joints)

Sheet metal bending die designs and details 

The design is carried out on cad software and we often carry out bending simulations to verify elastic returns and developments. We were among the first companies on the market to believe in the use of solid modelling CAD systems and over time we have developed expertise in the use of different types of software: TopSolid, SolidWorks, NX, Cimatron E

We design and build customised punching dies 

Through our technical department we not only design the die but also assist the customer during the development phase of the desired product. In this way, all our experience can be brought into play to produce a product that is both easily realisable and cost-effective. 

We have often found that the difference in cost is due to small technical details that are not essential to the product itself and that can be revised after in-depth technical comparison.

It is this experience combined with the relationship we establish with our customers that is the key that makes us so valued by many major companies around the world.

How much can a sheet metal bending die cost? 

The answer to this question depends on many factors. In fact, in order to be able to provide you with a quotation for the production of a part, we need the following information:

  • construction drawing of the part to be manufactured (dimensioned pdf + 3D where possible)
  • indication of how many pieces are to be produced per year
  • characteristics of the presses that will be used for production (size and strength)

Contact us today for a quotation. 

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